Steven Kuharske

Steven has been building since 1998.  Over the years, he has built numerous houses, townhomes, apartments, commercial buildings, and commercial build-outs.  One thing he loves about his job, is the ability to learn something new every day. "If you’re not learning as you go, then you’re not doing anything. Every job is different. You can build the same house twenty times and each will have its own problem. Weather, material, lot, deliveries, you name it. We just adapt and overcome!"

What is your favorite quote?
"If you put as much effort into work as you put into complaining, you’d be done by now."

Person in history?
My dad. He taught me how to work.

Proudest accomplishment? 
My family

Favorite architectural style?
Ranch style houses

Favorite hobby?

"If I’m not working, I’m…"
Probably working. There is always something to be done.