Stephanie Hunihan

Stephanie is a native Floridian, being born and raised in South Florida.  After moving around from North Carolina and New York, Stephanie has found her way back to the Sunshine State and is currently living in sunny Groveland, FL.  


Stephanie has been in the aesthetics industry for over 10 years, but has always been a hobby designer and DIY-er.  Loving the design process so much as she built her own home with Leading Edge Builders in 2019, Stephanie found herself leaving her career in aesthetics and joining the Leading Edge Builders team to now pursue her passion in design. Stephanie looks forward to sharing that passion with clients, and cannot wait to help them design the home of their dreams!

What is your favorite quote?
"Someday these will be the good old days."

Person in history?

Marilyn Monroe 

Proudest accomplishment? 

I do not have one, I am proud when I live authentically- Taking risks and following my heart. 

Favorite architectural style?

Too many to list, but I love Victorian.

Favorite hobby?


"If I’m not working, I'm..."

Hanging out with my cat, drinking wine : ) 

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