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New Custom Homes

Backed by experience, knowledge, and credibility, we can meet your expectations with all your new construction needs.  You can count on us to be professional, efficient, and reliable, making sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.

Shell Building

The shell of your building includes the slab, walls, and roof through dry-in, for the do-it yourself-er who does not have the knowledge, equipment, a personnel to do the hardest, most demanding aspects of the project, to the custom builder who can contract it to Leading Edge Builders to save money and headaches due to our buying power and expertise on projects coming out of the ground.

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Remodels & Additions

Leading Edge Builders offers home improvement and remodeling services in the Central Florida area. We are known for inspirational designs and exceptional craftsmanship.

Green Building

When you make the decision to build “Green,” you have chosen to reduce the burden on the environment and add value to your home through a voluntary Florida Green Home designation as administered by the Florida Green Building Coalition.

Stacks of Windows

Commercial & Retail

From corporate headquarters to one-of-a-kind retail experiences, our approach is always hands-on. We have decades of building experience across Central Florida under our belt. Therefore, we expect the best from our design and construction partners. And, we’ll bring our best to the projects you entrust to us. Together we work to make your vision a reality.

Multi-Family Homes

Multi-family home construction must blend experienced management, seasoned subcontractors, competent suppliers with the builder’s budget and the architect’s design to create quality income producing homes. Leading Edge Builders has all the necessary resources to meet that challenge.



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